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The New Guinea creeper or Flame of the Forest - a show-stopper by any name

Papillon's Tropical Gardens

The gardens are in three parts - a more formal part with ground orchids and orchids on trees; a sloping site with heliconias, mango, starfruit and lychee trees and dragon fruit climbing cacti - all of the trees are festooned with orchids - and the area around where you have breakfast with more hibiscus, huge heliconias and flowering shrubs and trees.   The amazing New Guinea creeper flowers around five times a year. All of the gardens have paths, grass and chippings making it easy for you to walk around.  There are plenty of trees, fruits and perching places to attract birds and butterflies - we have more than 100 species of birds visiting Papillon through the year and many butterflies.  Butterflies are important to Papillon, after all its our name too.  Throughout the year we have lots of Birdwings and Ulysses swallowtails.  Plenty of other swallowtails too - Red-bodied and Orchard swallowtails are common along with Bluebottles and Green Jays.  Many other impressive butterflies visit us and lay eggs in the garden like Lacewings, Cruisers and Oak Blues.   Your breakfast is normally accompanied by orchids which we grow in our shade house.